Project 2 Reflection S21

In this reflection you should be explaining what you learned from the experience of doing this project. There is a 750 word limit to this reflection. It should not be a reiteration of how you calculated certain values, but rather insight on both the process of calculating the statistics yourself, thinking about your own retirement, career, earnings, savings, and how that ties together with what we have discussed in the course. Please read the link below about how to address a reflection in an economics course for guidance about what I am looking for here.

From Monash: When reflecting on your learning (such as an educational theory you’ve learned about within a unit) you might address the following questions:

  • Description – What is the concept, idea or theory you are reflecting on?
  • Analysis – Are there aspects you found particularly interesting or challenging? Does it tie in with anything you have learned in the past? Has it changed the way you think, or affirmed something you already knew?
  • Outcomes or Action – What else might you need to find out? Do you have any questions? How might you incorporate or apply these ideas in the future, perhaps in your professional life?

Whether reflecting on an experience, on your own learning, or both, you will need to make sure you include descriptionanalysis and outcomes or action.

A reflection should be about 20% description and 80% analysis. Thus a reflection that is mostly retelling what you did in your calculations would be uninteresting and tedious. Tell me what you learned here and how it all ties together. I am *most interested* in how this project has changed your thinking or helped you think critically.

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