Project 1 Reflection S21

In this reflection you should be explaining what you learned from the experience of doing this project. There is a 750 word limit to this reflection. It should not be a reiteration of how you calculated certain values, but rather insight on both the process of calculating the statistics yourself and how they all tie together. Do not give a rundown of the topics. That would be a very bad reflection. A good reflection would try to tie a the stories together to tell a narrative. This might mean stepping away from one of the articles and just thinking about how they tie together. For those unfamiliar with reflections, I suggest looking at the description of “Gibbs Reflective Cycle”

From Monash: When reflecting on your learning (such as an educational theory you’ve learned about within a unit) you might address the following questions:

  • Description – What is the concept, idea or theory you are reflecting on?
  • Analysis – Are there aspects you found particularly interesting or challenging? Does it tie in with anything you have learned in the past? Has it changed the way you think, or affirmed something you already knew?
  • Outcomes or Action – What else might you need to find out? Do you have any questions? How might you incorporate or apply these ideas in the future, perhaps in your professional life?

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