Just Some Stories to Share and Discuss

This posting has no assignment to go with it. I only wanted to pass along some links for some course-related news. First, due to Hurricane Ike, there are lines for gas appearing in the South. A second story that I’d like to pass along, details the importance of the Federal Reserve’s independence and how recent events threaten that independence. (Note: this is an updated pdf file of the WSJ article).

Lastly, a former student forwarded this powerpoint file to me last year. It is a pretty accurate, humorous, and somewhat depressing tale of the subprime market meltdown. I’ll be talking about these things in class. Feel free to post any comments here. As usual, the comments won’t show up right away, but they are always appreciated.


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  1. Frightening 12 minute piece on foreclosures in Californiahttp://kcet.org/socal/2008/09/foreclosure-alley.html

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