Please select your course blog, by using the menu above. When writing your blogs you should always save a copy of your work before you submit it.

I would like your statements to be as objective as possible. Also, remember, I want you to keep your blog comments short, basic, and related to classroom content. Read other students comments before posting, and please leave your name with your posting. You should be scouring the readings, news articles, and other internet sources for outside information.

  • You should limit your comments to 250-500 words if possible, but can go over if you are saying something thoughtful. Concise statements are always better.
  • Spell check and grammar check your submissions before you post them.
  • Be considerate to your classmates. Inflammatory or non-constructive comments will not be tolerated. Your comments will be removed, and your grade will reflect your postings. Note that inflammatory comments include foul language, or implied foul language (ex. f@#% or a**).
  • If you are having a running discussion with another student (or students), remember to keep your comments limited (50 words) and brief.
  • A good way to approach this forum is to carefully read the posting, story links, and articles first. Next, compose a question that the author did not address or answer and try to explain either how you would approach that question or what you would believe the answer to be.
  • A bad way to approach this forum is to simply agree with something that someone else said. You are welcome to agree or disagree with other people’s comments, but you must explain why. Support your opinion with facts. Try to avoid anecdotal evidence or hyperbole. There is more than enough evidence that already exists to support your opinion in many cases.
  • CITE, CITE, CITE!!! If you need to find the rules for citations, ask your librarian, a friend, or me. Do not ever say something that is not your own idea without citations. This is plagiarism and carries a heavy penalty. Do not plagiarize.

Grading is explained on your assignment rubric.

  • You are graded on my judged quality of your submission. Grammar, spelling, content, citations, and perceived effort are the majority of your grade.